viernes, 31 de diciembre de 2010

Tarjetas navideñas y quilling 3d

Gracias a Cheryl!

Algunas tarjetas que se han usado para los regalitos de estas fechas.

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Eva Maria Keiser dijo...

Delightful and charming works. May you have a most creative 2011!

María de los Ángeles dijo...

Thank you Eva, I love you wonderful beadwork , i hope learn a little bit more this year, have a nice 2011!

Cards by Cheryl dijo...

I love how your nativity turned out Maria. I just might have to try arms on mine next time.

your work is beautiful

María de los Ángeles dijo...

Thank you Cheryl, yes, try the arms, but the way you make the dolls is very elegant,i was surprised the first time i see your nativity.

Cards by Cheryl dijo...

Thanks Maria...I tend to create simple pieces in all of my quilling. I guess "less is more" for me.

I have done arms on other dolls but not on the nativity. I have a coloured Nativity too on my blog. Check it out if you haven't seen it. It was the first one I made 5 years ago.

María de los Ángeles dijo...

Yes Cheryl i saw your colored nativity, i did my first two years ago,(are in this blog too) but it was plenty of details and i lost too much time making it, and when i saw yours i´d think "salvation", lol, yours are gorgeous and more easy.

Pily dijo...

Bellas creaciones!
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